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Wow, this thing is fun!

8 hours.
1.8 flight hours.

I got off to a late start, and didn’t get to the airport until about 10:30. I got the cowling back on and programmed in the autopilot numbers Matt sent me from MGL. I got off the ground and saw my #4 cylinder was reading totally cold, which was not right, because the plane was making full power just like it’s supposed to. I turned around to land, and managed to sneak in ahead of Derek Spears, who brought the family up for lunch.

After that, I burned some more gas, climbing, turning, generally getting the feel for the airplane, and doing it with the throttle rammed to the boards for cylinder break in. The numbers for the autopilot worked pretty well, and I could steer the plane by changing the heading bug on the EFIS. I have no words for how cool that is. It was still a little springy though. The correction the AP did had a little bit of oscillation left in it, so I’ll fine tune it and see what I can get from it. Most people have trouble with the pitch servo, but mine dialed in just fine. I got a couple of landings in on that flight.

I put about 1.8 hours on the plane today, and it would have been over 2, but on my last flight of the day, the oil fill door popped open in flight. Surprising, but not problematic. I headed for the deck and got into the pattern, then set down and burbled back to the barn.

One thing I’ve been noticing is that my fuel flow is ridiculously high, according to the little gizmo on the EFIS. According to that thing, I’m burning 45gph on takeoff and 30 in cruise. Last time I looked, this wasn’t a 414 or a twin Bonanza, so like, WTF?

Fuel flow works by doing some clever math using the k-factor of the flow sensor. When I got my sensor, there was a tag that said 16-3496. I assumed 3496 was the k-factor and dutifully entered it into the EFIS when I set it up. But MGL EFISes are metric, internally. That means the k-factor on the American FloScan sensor has to be converted. 3496 x 10 / 3.785 = 9236.46, which will probably give me the fuel flow numbers I expect.