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yeesh.. I’m a slacker.. Big time.

1 hour.
Wow.. So that took a while, eh? Too freaking long. I suppose I should explain a few things.. Well, one thing in particular. Since we got this dog, it’s been all about thejoys of walking the dog, feeding the dog, taking the dog to the vet, buying stuff for the dog, you get the picture..
Violated my own founding principle. Bad builder. Bad.

Let’s get through today.. Today was actually the day I got back on the horse. Rolled the leading edge and clecoed it into place.

Looks round, and straight.. If that makes any sense.. Piece of copper pipe did wonders. lighter than the recommended steel, too.

This turned out a lot better than the trailing edge. But I havent’ actually drilled and riveted yet, so maybe I’m celebrating before the battle is won.