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Elevators – Stiff competition.

2 hours.
fabbed stiffeners. Since I havent’ been at it in a while, it took a second to get back into the plans and realize just what I was cutting. You always have to be on the ball, you just can’t blindly trust that the plans are right, that you got all the metal you were supposed to get, etc. Cutting the little short pieces mystified me for a second until i realized that they went near the trim tab on the left elevator. No prob, moving on.

rudder, she is done.

1 hour.
Yeah, I know, i’m being a complete and utter slackbastard. But the HS/Rudder are done (except for the fiberglass), bolts are tight, last bad rivet in the trailing edge was fixed, and now it’s sitting in the rafters along with the VS. So on to the elevators.. I got as far as cleaning up the shop. In the last few weeks/months, there have been many things that have interrupted the build flow, but I’m trying to carve out an hour or so each night. Or a couple of nights a week. I’m also not ready to order the qb kit yet, since I have no idea where i’m going to actually build it.. I still have a tenant and my wife is less than thrilled about having the guest house be an aircraft factory for an indefinite amount of time. Especially since there is plenty of landscape/contractor wrangling to be done.