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Elevator stuff

7 hours.
I’m not gonna let 2006 go by without an update. Yours truly has been a busy bee. Most of the “busy” is in trying not to frak things up by being slow, careful, and thorough. So here’s the current poo: Primed all stiffeners, riveted stiffeners to left elevator, drilled, deburred, dimpled left elevator and new right elevator skeleton. Bent tabs on the elevator skin at the trim-tab area, which didn’t turn out perfectly, but turned out OK. I was having a ratbastard of a time with the wood wedge process. The bottom tab didn’t turn out that hot.. A few dings from my not-so-wonderful work with a flat set, but the top one’s OK. At least it is now. During the process, I managed to crack the metal where the tab tapers down at the trailing edge. I wound up removing about 1/4″ of the tab, but there’s enough for some filler to get hold of.
I’ll post a picture of this soon, but right now my ftp is being weird.