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Pulled the trigger. Sent the check and order form for the QB kit. Getting float-fuel senders, electric aileron trim, and dual brakes.
What have I done?

Time to pull the trigger?

From the last entry, and the long space between entries since the test entry, that it’s been a while since I’ve done anything on the plane. For a long time, there were no weekends. For a long time before that, there were 1-day weekends where the running of the house took all the energy. And the occasional need to have a social life, but even that was rare. No time, no plane. Simple as that.
The plus side of this sad tale is that I get paid hourly. Lots and lots and lots of overtime. And no time to spend it. So after a year of saving and investing (thanks for that iPhone, Apple), I’ve got enough to do a couple of things: 1: Order the quickbuild kit. 2: take enough time off to put in a significant amount of time on it. Oh, and our tenant is moving out of the guest house this Saturday. That means I have a place to put the fuselage. Farming gear goes in the storage portion, wings go in the newly liberated garage. Bedroom stays a bedroom for guests.
So.. Do I order the kit?

dimpled right elevator

.5 hours
Another foray into visual effects gave me a nice present of 8 weeks of 7-day workweeks on Spider Man 3, something I was promised we would never have. No family-friendly terms come to mind for what I feel like about that. None at all. But before that it was 10-12 hour days, six days a week, since about October, and several weekends were spent landscaping the yard. Shelley’s on hell time too, working on Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Digital Domain, so there were a lot of grumpy, sit-and-watch-tv, or go-right-to-bed-after-work days. She’s still doing it, but I’m done. This might turn out to be one of those 10-year quickbuild RV’s.
Saturday, after finally cleaning up the garage a little and getting all the landscape materials and tools out of the way of my workspace, I fitted the nice new 4″ yoke on the squeezer and dimpled the right elevator skin. Although this took only five minutes or so, I spent a good amount of time staring at all the parts, trying to remember what goes where, where I was when I last downed tools, what I didn’t have that I needed, what I have now that I didn’t then, and just generally got my space back. It was at that point that I realized, I don’t have a 1-car garage. I have about half a 1-car garage. The other half is laundry machinery, hot water plumbing, and various garden-care implements.


filled up the disk last week with Matt’s baby pictures. Naturally. So hopefully this ware still takes new entries.