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.5 hours.
cut and flared the tubing on the pitot/AOA probe. My tubing bender tends to make the corners a little sharp on 1/4″, I found out, but I got the tubes cut and bent so I can get it into the mast and fitting in the wing. Not much guidance for this, other than leave the fittings in a position where they’re serviceable thru the access panel near the bellcrank.
I also used a couple of Adel clamps to keep the tubes out from under the bellcrank and from chafing on the structure or each other. So now the list to finish the wings is thus:
Glass in Archer antenna
wire runs to end of R wing
drill/tap pitot probe for mounting screws.
T’ree t’ings, mon. Den we finish wit wings.

Oh, about that prop

One thing about the prop I didn’t notice until now. It’s got the 7496 blended airfoil blades. What this means is that my horsepower limit is now 180, and I’ll have a couple of rpm restrictions, but nothing major. I still got a good prop here. Besides, I don’t need 200hp. I’m not trying for any time-to-climb records, and a 180hp engine is going to be easier on the wallet.

wingtips are done. Er, pretty much..

3 hours.
I’ve been off the wagon for a week or two. Shelley got a bunch of fruit trees and we had a load of dirt delivered, a good bit of which is still sitting in the driveway. The last available weekend was consumed in basically moving dirt around, since we had to fix the front path, and move dirt forward into the driveway so a car could be parked. I’m done moving dirt to temporary places. We’ll build the beds for the fruit trees in a week, maybe two, then the dirt will go in them, along with the trees. Last Sunday, I got hit hard with the flu. high fever and blinding headache for three days, followed by sinus and lung congestion. But I digress. You’re here to read about results and accomplishments, so I’ll give you one: Finished the wingtips. Installed nutplates on right wingtip, along with wingtip rib. I sincerely hope I did it right, because I’m not sure how much effect the wingtips contribute to a potential heavy wing situation. I also got the Archer VOR antenna installed in the left wingtip, but not glassed in yet. It’s too cold and too late to start messing with epoxy goo.
So the only things remaining on the wings are:
Mount pitot probe to mast
install pitot/AOA fittings to connect plastic tubing
Run light/strobe wires down R wing and drill a hole in the conduit for a future AP servo wire.
And that’s it. Wings be done. I want to move my wings into the garage before the end of this month and get my drill press, toolbox, and grinding wheel/bandsaw table into the shop. Right now, that space is full of new windows that are going in next week.