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I’m still here.

I’m still here, just so you know.. I’ve been offline for a few weeks because I’ve had other obligations and a couple of significant distractions. Work has been an avalanche of hours, plus I took the plunge and decided to try to make Mac OSX run on my PC, which consumed most evenings and mornings. It’s also wedding season, which means I’m sometimes trucking off to far-flung places to watch people get married. I’ve had family visits, a music festival, and quite a few working weekends. Basically, when I’m working long hours, I’m not too keen on building, which sucks, because it’s therapeutic as well as productive. Most often, i’ll plink around with the music software on the (now rebuilt) computer, veg out in front of the TV, or play some Wii with Shelley. These are all fine activities, but it’s killing the building. Problem is, I don’t have that many of what I call ‘anchor days,’ where a lot of stuff gets done and i can immerse myself in aviation tech, swimming in the plans and manuals, and setting up a whole lot of small tasks that I can do in half an hour to a couple of hours. And of course, Shelley gets first dibs on most of my spare time, which is how it’s supposed to go, I reckon. Next week, Shelley and I will be driving up the coast and staying in various Central CA hotels, walking in the woods with the dog, that sort of thing, so no building will get done then either. When I get back, I’m on a Hyundai commercial, and I should be able to squeeze some time in then.