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Still alive

I haven’t been doing much lately, since my last couple of weekends and most of my evenings were taken up by getting the house ready for the inlaws to stay with us. I had to get the guest house bathroom functional enough so we didn’t have to trek across the night to the main house to use the facilities. And there was cleaning and prepping. Didn’t get the shower done, but now I can go to the bathroom while working on the plane, which is currently in the guest house living room and kitchen, otherwise known as ‘the shop.’
One exciting thing though, I received my AFP fuel pump kit from Van’s, along with my Andair fuel valve. I don’t know if you’ve ever held an Andair product in your hand, but this fuel valve is truly a work of art. It’s so well-made, it looks computer-generated in real life. What this new stuff means is that I now have to modify the fuel line cover to accommodate the pump, pump cover, and bracket.
I also put together a spreadsheet for finishing the project. It looks like another 20k of magic dust sprinkled on this thing will get it in the air. That’s OK, i’m ready for that.. Although I would deeply appreciate it if MGL would come out with their nav radio already. If I could go with the MGL Odyssey, Com, Nav, and sensor package, I would get some pretty badass cross-country VFR capability for a really nice price.