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Progress is slow, but unsteady and intermittent.

2 hours.
Riveted and installed panel attach points. I still haven’t painted the interior, and i’ve got a crawl-under-the-panel task waiting for me. My gaskets have arrived, so there’s really nothing stopping me from doing the FI conversion, but I’d really hate having so many separate process branches unfinished. I keep putting off painting the interior, because one, I suck at painting, and two, it’s a process which requires hours of uninterrupted time, usually more than I plan on. This doesn’t encourage me to get it done. Not only that, I can’t just wash the interior with a load of soap and water, this needs to be done in such a way that no water pools anywhere I can’t get to, or runs out of the fuse onto my garage floor, where it will sit below the plastic snap-together floor tiles.
I know I need to just sack up and rock it out. They have a saying in Gilead, ancestral home of Roland Deschain, the Last Gunslinger: “Soonest begun’s soonest done.” Good thing I’m not from there.

Panel reinforcing stuff.

2 hours.
F-703x panel attach brackets and panel reinforcing angle. The subpanel/panel is coming together, and it’s slow going. Because summer is starting, we have to do all that house-maintenance stuff that happens around now. I still have to finish painting the interior of the plane as well.