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Vent lines.

3 hours.
Installed left and right vent lines, but still short 1 Adel clamp to secure the left vent line to the firewall/longeron gusset. Boo. Also took a crack at fuel lines and lemme tellya ladies and germs, that process sucks. The Andair valve is zero help in this situation, and it looks like I’ll have to buy and install banjo fittings for it so the fuel lines can clear the pump output fitting. Grr. I’m also thinking about using the Bonaco braided steel fuel lines instead of the aluminum tubing, which, I’m not pleased to report, I’ve used up most of in botched attempts at bending the fuel lines. I’ll attack this tomorrow and see if there’s a little less suckage in the shop than there was today.
I knew I was dreading this step for a reason.