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This project officially sucks.

6 hours.

Six hours of trying to find a spot for the comm anntenna that doesn’t dump massive amounts of RF power into the EFIS. I can’t find one. The Garmin GNS430W manual says antennas need to be two feet from RF-sensitive equipment. The EFIS manual says pretty much the same thing, including keeping antenna wires away from all the other wires. That’s just not feasible. I don’t have a SWR meter either. I need to recheck my antenna grounds. Again.

Oh, and I should probably move the plane outside to do these tests. A lot of guys on VAF have said their RF interference problems went away when they got out of the hangar. There’s also the option of capacitive filtering, but what I’ve got runs deep. The EFIS will blip out without anything connected to it at all.

Off to Decom.