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More snorkel!

3 hours.

Short day today. This morning was an Easter Egg hunt and brunch, so I didn’t get going until about 1 or 2. My setup for glassing the opening ring of the snorkel worked great, but the resin adhered to the demoisturizer container/plug a little too well. It cracked the container when I wrenched it out of there, but it didn’t make a huge mess. I spent some time sanding down the inside of the snorkel to smooth out the bumps, and it seems like it’ll work OK.

I did get the snorkel on in preparation for trimming the filter end to fit the contour of the inlet ramp, with its bent-up section as called out in the plans. I’ll post some photos later, but the main issue is one of reference. To get the snorkel on in its pre-trimmed state, the inlet ramp needs to come off. But then there’s no reference to where the inlet ramp is actually going to be. fortunately, I marked on the side baffles and the engine where the inlet ramp fits, and through the use of cleco clamps, angles, and a steel ruler, was able to transfer those references to the snorkel. It’s going to be hard, and it will take some iteration, so the key will be not trimming away too much of the snorkel during the fitting process. However, if that does happen, it won’t be a total disaster, I can always cut away enough to make absolutely sure it clears, then extend it to the baffle using new fiberglass, and doing that will insure that it absolutely conforms to the inlet ramp shape.