This weekend coming up

A new to-do/to-bring list for the hangar.

To Bring:

  • Drill
  • Extension cord
  • Power Strip
  • Box with strobe bulbs and tail lamp connector
  • Shop Vac
  • Sailboat shackles to replace lame Van’s tailwheel chain clips (West Marine)
  • Skateboard!  (The porta potty is far.)

To do (once I get there)

  • Torque rudder hinge bolts
  • Mill off enough filler so rudder and elevators travel freely
  • Reprime carved out stab surfaces
  • Pull out interior and store in boxes (Might bring some stuff back home so it doesn’t get filthy)
  • Install Rt side crotch strap bracket
  • Prep for wing install
  • Pull the cowl off so interested parties can have a look and give me squawks about my firewall-forward installation.

Being an hour away from the project does a few things:   It makes you think about what needs doing in the time you’ll have to do it, and it makes you visualize all the steps necessary to get it done.  It also brings home the need to make lists of supplies, tools, and tasks.  The Age of Puttering is pretty much over.  During the week, I should probably be doing paperwork and getting ready for registration and other things.

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