Another list of stuff to do.

  • Safety wire prop bolts, recheck torque
  • Finish mech fuel pump overflow line
  • Separate EGT/CHT wires, ignition wires, and alt air Bowden cable per Jim’s recommendation
  • Install pax crotch strap bracket
  • Resolve stick-to-quadrant interference – move sticks outward a bit or move quadrant
  • Relocate alt air cable pull to eliminate stick interference
  • Relocate cabin heat pull to eliminate stick interference
  • Label purge, cabin heat, alt air and audio input
  • Label Audio Input
  • Fix pitch trim travel
  • Connect pitot and AOA lines.
  • Verify ARINC connection from GNS430 to Odyssey EFIS.
  • Separate/anti-chafe cabin heat SCAT tubing.

And some other stuff:

  • Order Crow harnesses
  • Begin paperwork journey
  • re-up 3rd Class medical cert
  • get BFR
  • sort out tailwheel/aerobatic training
  • Get insurance
  • Find a DAR

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