Crotch Strap Bracket part 2.

5 hours.

I’d been avoiding it, but today I worked on the right seat crotch strap bracket.   I did the left one before the airport move, and I really should have done this one at home too, but I had bigger fish to fry at the time.   Today I got the bracket drilled and deburred, and got 3 out of 4 platenuts on, but one will have to come off so I can enlarge the hole.  Slight misalignment, and  fixable.

I just have to fix that and pop-rivet it in.   This side was easier to deal with because there wasn’t a trim relay board in the way, although I did have to cut down the aft part to clear a wiring conduit.

I really wish these had been included in the kit, and I’d installed them before I wired everything.   C’est la vie.  Wot’ ever.


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