8 hours.

A full day full of fiddly things.   And a cleaning.   The biggest thing today was moving the purge valve and alt air cables out of the way of the stick travel.  I was able to do  this by detaching the bracket from the underside of the panel, rotating it 90 degrees and attaching it to the throttle quadrant.   It’s not pretty, and I should come up with some kind of cover, but it will do for now.

I also put jam nuts on the forward elevator pushrod.  This was a chore.  Big fingers, small spaces, washers in between slices of metal.. you know the drill.

I fiddled around with the OAT probe wiring again.. Matt at MGL gave me a new one, but it doesn’t work either.   The EFIS comes out and goes to MGL again. 🙁

I’m glad I checked the elevators again.. Apparently I never put nuts on the hinge bearings last time I was fiddling around with rigging them.   This is now fixed.   I also cleaned up the plane and the shop, putting all the extraneous hardware and tools away, getting ready to make a fresh mess.

I still need to secure the cabin heat SCAT tube, but I did get my heat shields installed.   Then I began having all kinds of fun with the left side canopy strut mount.   One of the the screws is loose and it’s nearly impossible to get any kind of wrench in there to tighten it down, since it’s under the longeron.   Sucks.

This kind of stuff shouldn’t take 8 hours, but the awkwardness and inaccessibility of the stuff in question made it so.   I can’t wait to get back to straightforward stuff.

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