EFIS returned to service and wing root fairings on

8 hours.

Today and yesterday.  I got the EFIS back before Friday’s taildragger lesson and got it back in the plane on Saturday.   My only gripe is that the voice alerts don’t make any sound.  I”m not sure if that’s because of the EFIS or the wiring, maybe both, but it worked before I pulled it out, and now it doesn’t.   More testing is needed there.

I did get the wing root fairings on, and hoo boy, are they a pain.  They’ll have to come off again for the DAR inspection, but I don’t need to access anything between the wings and fuselage, so they can go on the plane and not be hanging off the handle of my tool box.   It took some time, because the fairings and the seals are kind of awkward and I had to do a couple of passes with the deburring wheel to gain enough clearance for the u-channel of the rubber seal, but I think they’ll work OK.

I think we’re going to start the engine next week.   Time to quit procrastinating.   Need to torque the alternator bolts down, but other than that, it’s ready to go.   I’ll pre-oil it again, then we’ll fire it up.   With a gallon in each wing tank though, It’s not going to run for long.


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