To Do: Wrapping up.

Let’s get ready for first flight.   These lists are known tasks.


  • Pitot/Static test
  • Compass Calibration
  • Landing Gear fairings
  • Tighten ELT antenna
  • New Tailwheel Fork
  • Paint Fiberglass – Cowls, Gear fairings, Spinner, Wingtips, Stabilizer and rudder tips
  • Debug AP button on stick
  • Attach Placards and “EXPERIMENTAL” warning
  • Attach Data plate
  • Get another set of eyes on the FWF setup.
  • Rudder to Spinner checkout of every fastener visible.


  • Flight test cards
  • Get logbooks for Engine, Prop, Airframe
  • Condition inspection
  • Program Letter
  • Weight and Balance
  • Call DAR – Check schedule, desired aircraft condition
  • Get Document pouch
  • Print blog, bookmark photos of me building
  • Put blog in binder

Ground tests

  • Engine run-in – use recommended settings on VAF


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