Airworthiness inspection on Saturday!

A few things to get ready for the inspection

  1. drill out/replace rudder bottom fairing screw that got stripped.
  2. drill out/replace platenut from right wing root fairing with stripped screw
  3. obtain new MGL backup battery. – DONE
  4. install new MGL backup battery.
  5. remove pop rivets from old IOX mount holes/deburr
  6. vacuum/clean interior
  7. wipe down interior of tailcone
  8. remove floor panels
  9. glue warning placard to panel – enhance sticky backing
  10. put UHMW tape where pax stick wiring rubs floor
  11. remove center tunnel cover
  12. remove flap actuator cover
  13. bend wheel pins into permanent shape
  14. check travel of all control surfaces – Bring flight test binder
  15. safety-wire prop governor
  16. check tire pressure
  17. retrieve washers from baffling
  18. clean shop area, put away tools, clean up debris
  19. create inspection paperwork area.
  20. have tools/equipment ready to fix squawks.
  21. bring checkbook.

I’m really hoping all that gets done on Friday so Saturday can be a painless, easy affair

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