As much as it pains me to do this, I need to sell 313TD.    Life has course-corrected a bit, so flying and maintaining an airplane are not compatible.  Info is below the pictures.

S/N: 72402
Location: KCPM
Asking Price: $105,000
IFR/VFR: VFR Day/Night (IFR equipment is installed, but never flown IFR)

Why selling: Life and aircraft ownership are now divergent.  
Total Time (hrs) on airframe:  137
First flight date: March 3rd, 2014
I am the original builder

Empty Weight (lbs):
– CG (empty weight – inches from datum):
– date of last weighing:
Year painted: 2016
Painted by: Century Air Paint in Chino, CA
Engine Make/Model: Lycoming O-360-F1A6
– HP: 180
– Total Time Air Frame: 137
– Time Since Overhauled (hrs): 1180SMOH, 137STOH, IRAN/Reassembly by Tim’s Aircraft Engine
– Ignition:  Slick Mags
– Carb/FI:  AFP FI
– Exhaust system:  Vetterman 4-pipe
– Engine Purchased from: Private seller, eBay
– Engine Assembled by: Tim’s Aircraft Engines
– Date of last compression check: 8/8/2019
– – Cylinder #1: 76/80
– – Cylinder #2: 79/80
– – Cylinder #3: 78/80
– – Cylinder #4: 73/80
Other unique features FWF:
Superior cold-air sump
PCU5000X front-mount governor
10-row oil cooler
– Hartzell CS Blended Airfoil
– HC-C2YR-1BF Hub, F7496-2 blades
– Inspected, re-sealed, lubricated, and tested by Santa Monica Propeller 11/10/2010
– “B” suffix serial number- no eddy current inspection required
Flaps: Electric
Rudder Trim: none
Elevator Trim: Electric
Aileron Trim: Electric
Strobes Make/Model: Nova 606X
Landing Lights Make/Model: MR16 12v in wingtips
Age of tires/tubes: New tires, tubes from 2010, still good.
MGL Odyssey G2 EFIS
Garmin GNS430W
Garmin GTX3207 xpdr
Garmin GMA340 audio panel
MGL V6 radio
MGL Stratomaster Velocity 3″ MFD
Dynon Heated Pitot
MGL Serial port Expander
MGL IO Expander

Trio Gold Standard Servos, pitch and roll, integrated with EFIS

Interior: Classic Aero Aviator, gray/dark gray w full carpet
Modifications:  Koger sunshade
Real World Cruise Figures:
– 180 mph IAS at  23″ of MAP spinning  2300 rpm while burning 8.5 gph.

Past incidents/repairs/damage repair:
New rudder in 2019 from wind damage

Date last annual: 7/21/2019
– Maintained by: Me

Date last transponder check: 3/2/16
Date aircraft last flown: 9/29/2019
Willing to deliver: Maybe

Contact Info
– John Courte
– voice/text:  310-614-two five two four
– email: tangodelta313 at gmail dot com
– Preferred hours to call: 0800-2100 pacific time



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