Heated Pitot done.

6 hours.

I finished up the pitot heat stuff, got the heat module mounted and the wires spliced in. When I get the Adel clamps from spruce, that process is done and done. It doesn’t sound like much, but it took some time. I had to use platenuts because I have to plan on an extremely limited amount of access once the skin is riveted on. And as an added bonus to my day, I found that some condensation or spray from the hose left some kind of deposits all over my left wing. This sucks. I might be able to buff it out, but it looks like the lime or whatever is etching the alclad. Flat Olive Drab paint it is.

I also got the MGL com extender mounted, and got a good start on mounting the IO extender, but the 6R8 screws I have are too short, so I need to get some longer screws from ACS. Always with ACS. I want to finish this plane so I can stop buying stuff from them for a while.

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