Antenna installed. Again.

5 hours.

The COMM antenna is installed.   I finally wound up routing it along the longeron and down through the center section channel, then back to about where the seat floor panels join.   I was able to keep it from running alongside any wires for very long, but there’s some contact where it has to pass through the spar.   I swear, running wires fore to aft in that thing is a pain.

I got the antenna installed in a good spot, it’s more than 2 feet away from anything interesting, but I need to test it with my ghetto ground plane strips, since it won’t have a proper ground plane until the wings are on.   Even so, I can hear SMO traffic and with the squelch off, a little bit of ATIS.  Pressing the transmit button causes some sensor weirdness, but I imagine that will go away with all the dangling wing wires connected and once the plane is outdoors and not surrounded by metal shop equipment and other various RF-bouncy things.

So next is to finish cleaning up the strobe cables running aft (since I can get to them with the floor panels off), then put my floors back together.   Then the flap actuator and the control arms, fuel pump, etc, etc.

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