Actually got a couple of hours to work on the plane.. Or so I thought. fixed my .093 Burraway, but after a few runs on the HS aft spar, the blade broke. This wouldn’t have been quite as frustrating if I hadn’t previously tried to fix it and had the spring tensioner pop the blade out and fling it across the shop into some nameless nook (yes, the shop shares space with laundry machinery and some wood). It also looks a lot like a metal shaving, so searching for it was going to be interesting. Well, screw it, I thought. Nothing to do now, but buy stuff. The new tool chest rules. I now have everything put away in a drawer, and my worktable no longer has to share space with my old toolbox, which can now contain all the usual home handyman stuff. I was able to move all my compressed-air and paint stuff out of the storage cabinet that holds the woodworking, tile, and other home-improvement gear. So that was nice. And when my spare Burraway blades come in from MSC, I will remember not to tighten the tensioner so frigging tight.

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