Another productive day.

4 hours.

Bunch of stuff happened today.  Shelley helped me get the fuel lines secured with Adel clamps, and I got the fuel pump reinstalled and wired up.  It works!   I also got the tunnel cover finished, but didn’t get to setting up the cabin heat cable.    The throttle quadrant also went back in.   It’s nice to finally see the ‘damage’ from the avionics install and wiring fiasco put right and parts that were languishing on shelves put back on the airplane.

There is no end to wiring.   I cable-wrapped the antenna  wires and worked on the GS/NAV splitter mounting.  Fortunately, there were two holes ready made for it (not really, they just coincidentally lined up).   But I stopped dead in my tracks when my cable stripper exploded.   I need a new one from Radio Shack ASAP.   But once that’s done, the avionics wiring is just about done.   Finished.  Fin.  The end.

Still have to figure out how to connect the marker beacon antenna.   It comes out of the audio panel as a single shielded wire, but it has to connect to a big, fat length of RG400.   How the hell do I do that?

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