To do list: Cowl fitting.

I’ve added a new category to this chronicle, which is currently approaching Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’ series in its span and scope. And horror. Don’t forget the horror.

Anyway, I think it might be helpful to post the occasional list of things to do in preparation for a task or to collect all the fiddly bits that make the difference between a phase of the project being completed.

(Ya think, genius? Where was this 7 years ago?)

(Hey, look through the blog, there are a few, they just didn’t get their own category before, now pipe down and let me finish.)

So, for fitting the cowl, it looks like I’ve got the baffles about as roughly assembled as they’re going to get, barring a couple of things on the aft left one that need a good riveting.

1. Prep the prop: Extricate the spinner from the back of the hub and make it available to line up the upper cowl.

2. Make some 2 1/2″ spacers out of PVC to simulate the depth of the prop hub between the flywheel and the spinner plate.

3. Acquire a set of suitable bolts to anchor the spinner backplate to the spacers and flywheel.

4. Get upper cowl down from rafters.

5. Cleco or rivet (not sure which) the top deck skin on.

That should cover it, for now. If I need to add more, I’ll update later.

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