Baffles 6 – 7

12 hours.

I took Friday off to build. I take every other friday off to build, since I’ve got the vacation days, and Friday/yesterday were big build days.

This section is a lot of problems to solve, all interwoven and tangled. I had hoped to be finished with the snorkel this weekend, and I got pretty dang close. I got the filter mounts riveted to the snorkel, then got them drilled to the baffle. It was a little more complicated than that, but mostly just iterations of measuring, cutting a little, measuring, repeat. Now all that’s left of that is to dimple the screw holes on the filter mounts and install the platenuts.

It was during this process that I started the iterations on making the front baffles fit. Since my engine has a front-mounted governor, I bought a set (and an extra set) of the front baffles for the RV-10. I was able to cut them down to match the -7’s lower inlet ramp angle, and went through numerous iterations of grinding to get the contour right. The left one should fit the governor just fine, and the angle matches the inlet ramp perfectly. The right one might need a little work, but I have an extra one and I can use the current one as a template if I have to.

As if that wasn’t enough to make things interesting, I get to figure out how to install the top cowl inlet ramps in such a way that glassing them in won’t result in a hinge misalignment. The manual says (one of the few things the manual says about this area) to install the ramps with the top cowl on. Well, that’s just great. How the hell am I supposed to fiberglass that? Maybe drilling/clecoing for initial position, then glass it with the clecos still in, holding it together. In any event, all the baffling will have to come off before this happens.

I’m also going to have to order a new batch of Proseal to finish off the air filter mounts.

The baffles are going to need lots of trimming. A quick test fit shows the top cowl being not even close.

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