This is the journal of my multi-year journey to build a flying machine. A real one. This is a Van’s Aircraft RV-7, a two-seat 180hp aircraft good for around 200mph. This is a link to the Van’s Aircraft Site.

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  1. 8:02 pm, January 11, 2011fred edmunds  / Reply

    you use the nova 606x strobe unit, did it come with the three.flash pattern?

    • 5:58 pm, January 12, 2011stjohn  / Reply

      One of the patterns does three fast flashes, then waits a little over a second, then flashes again. outputs 1, 3, and 5 are on the same channel, so if you put the wing strobes on 1 and 3 and the tail strobe on 2, 4, or 6, you get a FAA-legal strobe pattern at an overall 170 flashes per minute, as far as my interpretation of the regs goes.

  2. 12:42 pm, July 18, 2011Peter Vernon  / Reply

    John… I’m trying to grab your attention regarding the exhaust system you have for sale. Ihave written to Larry Vetterman asking if your system will workonmy RV-8. His reply is …. “those systems are very close to the same but the tail pipes may may a bit short for the -8”.

    Iam prepared to take the risk asintend to place short mufflers at the end of the pipes anyhow….provided you are prepared to accept the hassle of shipping to Australia


    • 5:55 pm, July 18, 2011stjohn  / Reply

      Hi Peter, please check your PM’s at VAF.

  3. 9:58 pm, June 22, 2015Ed R.  / Reply

    Would you mind sharing where you acquired your spinner? I have an older RV4 that I bought already built. It has a spinner similar to yours that I really like and I would like to identify the manufacturer. Thanks and Good Luck with your build!

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