Usable fuel

5 hours.

Today, Dave and I went up to OXR in his Defender 110 and we got three significant things done:   We set up the brakes, we measured usable fuel, and we pre-oiled the engine.   To pre-oil the engine, you take the bottom plugs out and crank it over with a bunch of new oil in it.   Like so:

There was more than this, but it sure was nice to see that prop spin around, even if only driven by the electric starter.

For usable fuel, we hoisted the tail of the airplane so we could perform the measurement in level flight attitude.  Score another one for the engine hoist.   Then we persuaded one of the vendors on the field to let us fill up two 1-gallon gas cans with avgas.   Then we put the fuel into two half-gallon pitchers with graduated marks on the side we’d gotten from the 97 Cent Store (yes, it’s actually called that but the pitchers were $1.29 each)  and we poured a gallon into each tank.   Draining the tanks back into the pitchers left us with a net loss of 4 fluid ounces on each side, as near as we could possibly measure.   Bottom of the meniscus, high school chemistry, all that.   4 fluid ounces works out to 0.0312 US Gallons, rounded off to 0.03, which gives us a usable fuel capacity in each tank of 20.97 US Gallons.

So we’ve got brakes, gas, and oil.   Now I need to time the mags, gap the plugs, and fire it up!

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