Cables, hoses, pipes

6 hours.

For a “simple” engine this thing sure has a lot of frippery. Today was spent optimizing the routing of various members and employing different methods to insure they don’t chafe on each other, or the multitude of hazards awaiting the unsuspecting flammable-liquid-carrying hose beneath the cowl. Oh, and heat. There’s lots of heat down there. The control cables, I wrapped in some Thermo Tape I bought a while back for that very purpose. I think I’ll also use the heat shields that clamp onto the exhaust pipes as well, but I’ll do those later.

I actually wound up dropping the exhaust so I could get better access to things that needed to be secured. I’m also debating hooking up a fuel pressure sensor, since thanks to an error in my PHT hoses order, I now have a firesleeved hose that will work great as an oil pressure line.

I also spent a good chunk of time chasing down the intercylinder baffles for my engine. There are about three or four different variants, some with the hole drilled for the fuel injection hose, some without. I finally wound up just ordering the ones the book calls out for that engine, and I’ll drill the hole for the injector feed line later.

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