Adel clamps, and lots of them.

5 hours.

Today was another iteration of finding the best way to keep things from rubbing together. I did a lot of hemming and hawing about zip ties, reading the horror stories on the Internet of that one guy who had a zip tie saw through his engine mount, and that you’re never supposed to use them on the engine mount or hard lines, and that’s all fine. Supposedly they’re big time savers, and for wiring, you bet. Lacing cord? No way, I don’t have the patience or the skill and zip ties are easy. Firewall forward though, it’s a different story. Conditions are murderous up there, and the regular Home Depot 500-for-$10 pack ones will go brittle and snap off in the heat and vibration of the engine bay. Still, there are a lot of folks who use zip ties up front with no ill effects, and there are all kinds of cool tricks to make standoffs, joins, and other fastenings, but you need to use a tie gun, and my tie gun is shite. I think I bought it at Fry’s for around five bucks, and it shows. I’m not shelling out three figures for a Panduit tie gun though, that’s just crazy. What I did do instead, is finally master the horror of Adel clamps.

Take a look:

That’s the neat little visegrip hack I bought a while ago, but never quite got the hang of. Now I’ve got the hang of it. The way this thing works is you jam a pointy thing that looks like an icepick through the holes on both the Adel clamps you’re trying to put together. Then you try to get the flanges close enough so you can wrap the forks of this gizmo around the icepick, then squeeze the clamps together as if they had a bolt throug them. You pull the icepick out, and you can put a real bolt through the holes. Problem is, the forks on the visegrip thing are pretty thick, so I ground off a couple of 32nds from each side. This way I could use a shorter bolt and not as many washers. At this point, screw it, washers are cheap and I’m not using more than 3 on a side, so this setup works fine.

I did as much as I could on the right side of the engine, where the 1 and 3 cylinders are. This means the alternator wire, the fuel pump input line, the purge return line, and the oil pressure sensor line, along with some miscellaneous wiring, needed to be isolated from the airframe, the engine, and each other.

Above my head, you can see the throttle and mixture cables, as well as my homemade steel brackets, and on the left, the double Adel-clamp assembly keeping the starter wire from rubbing on the mount.

I didn’t take a lot of pics, because I was too busy fiddling with clamps, and that makes my hands hurt, especially the knuckle on the middle finger of my right hand, where that stupid cow knocked me off my motorcycle with the door of her minivan this summer. I did get some, like this one:

This is the purge line, all secured and isolated.

This one:

shows the fuel pump feed and the purge return, held off from each other and the mount. Also clamped up here is the alternator wire and starter wire.

Gratuitous Adel clamp porn of the alternator wire.

Gonna do the rest of it this week. Happy new year!

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