More little things.

4.5 hours.

I brought the newly painted cowl back to the airport and yes, it looks way more badass in olive drab than pink.  I also took care of some things that have been bothering me for a while but never got around to doing.   I re-did the cotter pin on the prop pitch control on the quadrant because I’d forgotten to put a washer between the pin and the lever.   This is now fixed.   The left control stick now has a cotter pin as well.

After that it was the endless tedium of safety-wiring a bunch of hose clamps and other fittings.   I hate safety wire, but I can’t argue the fact that it can keep you from having a really interesting day.      I think I got most everything on the right side.   I’ll do the left side next time.

I also need to make an appointment with Randy to get my avionics calibrated, but I’ll have to wait until Monday.

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