Outdoor fun.

5 hours.

I took my freshly painted spinner and cowl up to the airport to see how it would look. Not bad. Beats pink and purple, that’s for sure.



Of course I forgot my hinge pins for the cowl, so I’ll have to bring them up next weekend.   But as part of the exercise of rolling the plane out to shoot these pics, i spent some time running the battery down, playing with the EFIS.   Also, Derek Spears stopped by in his Cardinal.    He gave me the quick tour of the GNS430, which is truly an amazing piece of hardware that I don’t know how to use just yet.  He walked me through the major modes and flight planning, and I was able to get the EFIS to pick up flight plans, nav info, and waypoints from the ARINC 429 feed from the 430.   Derek programmed in a flight from OXR to SMO using Van Nuys and Burbank as waypoints.  The EFIS displayed the legs as HITS boxes as well as a moving-map track.

Also, I confirmed that the nav antenna in the wingtip does work; I was able to pick up the Ventura VOR on 108.20 and feed the EFIS’s HSI with it.   One thing that bugs me a little;  In order to get VOR navigation stuff to show up on the EFIS screen, I need to be in External Nav Source mode, which means the EFIS doesn’t use its internal GPS.   This is ordinarily OK, but there have been issues driving autopilots using the 430 as a GPS source.   Something about the resolution and the frame rate that makes the autopilot hunt for headings, or something like that.

Also, of interest: The EFIS isn’t a big fan of low system voltage.   Piddling about with the equipment for as long as we did really ran the battery down, and when that happens, the EFIS does things like spontaneously reboot when changing screens.   This is not good.

So on  my to-do list is to sort out the backup battery and how to preserve EFIS functionality during all modes, including engine start.

Confirmed that the passenger headset jacks work, after fumbling with the audio panel for a bit.

After Derek left, I went flying in Don’s RV6A for an hour, then came back and did some more safety-wiring, and used my newly purchased Weld-On #4 to try to bond the small crack in my canopy.

I also set up the EFIS with all the V-speeds for the RV-7.


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