Electromechanical fun.

7 hours.

Today was more progress on the cabin electricals/electronics. I wired the aileron trim servo into the relay and the stick, as well as the sensor output for trim position. The only thing that sucks about the Ray Allen gear is that the wires are too damn small. In the RV-7, the trim servo is bolted to the innermost left seat rib. All the screws are a pain in the ass to get to, and access to the cotter pin on the bellcrank is pretty much denied. But remove it I did, so I could attach all the necessary wires.

I also ran the crossover wiring that takes the 10 stick wires and routes them across the plane to the other stick’s terminal strip. The idea is that both sticks will be able to perform various functions, including engine start. Engine start has ceased to become an issue, because I picked up a 12v accessory relay that only requires 160mA to close a circuit up to 30 amps, so now all the stick functions are low current. This means I can use a DB15 or a little DIN plug instead of the CPC I bought. Maybe I can repurpose the CPC for wing connections.

Once that was done, I actually did the DB9 connector on the elevator trim. End result is that the pilot’s stick now operates flaps and both trim servos, which means I’m terribly close to being able to put the seat rib covers on for a while.

Tomorrow I need to finish up the stick wiring and dress the wires back by the AP servo so I can forget about them for a while as well. I also need to make a wirebook showing what color wires go where. This could be important later.

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